Malaga The biznaga, the symbol of Malaga
La biznaga, el símbolo de Málaga

The biznaga, the symbol of Malaga

During your visit to Malaga, it is likely that you will be struck by the bouquets of white flowers that are sold on the street. These flowers are known as biznagas and are one of the distinctive symbols of the city.

At the restaurant
we pay homage to this floral wonder, not only in its decorative presence, but also in every dish we serve, seeking to capture the essence of Malaga and offer our guests a culinary experience that reflects the richness and charm of this land.

Although they are traditionally made during the summer, Malaga’s favorable climate allows them to be made all year round. Let us explain what they are, where to find them and their presence in important events on the Costa del Sol, such as the Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

Origin and elaboration of the biznaga The word “biznaga” has its origin in Arabic and means “gift of God”. In the past, it was used as an air freshener due to its pleasant aroma, and also as a natural remedy against mosquitoes. Nowadays, the biznaga has become a decorative element and one of the emblems of Malaga.

The biznaga is a handmade creation that combines jasmine flowers and the stem of the nerdo, a kind of thistle that is harvested before summer. It is made by inserting the jasmine flowers in the shape of a ball in the stem, while they are closed, so that at nightfall they open, giving off their characteristic aroma.

Among the different types of jasmine, the most commonly used is the Royal Jasmine, which has white flowers and a sweet aroma.

The “biznaguero

The biznagas peddler is known as “biznaguero”. He usually wears a traditional costume and the biznagas in a prickly pear leaf called penca. In addition to selling them, the biznaguero is in charge of making the biznagas, starting his work long before the summer. In the months prior to the heat, the nerdo is harvested and prepared by removing the unnecessary leaves and branches, leaving only what will be the support of the biznaga. It is then dried to acquire rigidity and a beige tone, so that the jasmines can be introduced. During the summer, the stalk is harvested and the thorns and jasmines are removed.

The figure of the biznaguero is honored with the Statue of the Biznaguero, located in the Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens.

Malaga Film Festival and Malaga Fair One of the highlights for acquiring biznagas is during the Malaga Fair, which is held in August. Larios Street becomes a real market of biznagueros offering these aromatic bouquets to visitors.

This symbol also plays an important role in the Malaga Spanish Film Festival. Each year, the winners receive a silver-plated figure of a biznaga as a prize, and the highest award is the coveted Golden Biznaga.

The biznaga as a souvenir There are a variety of handmade souvenirs with biznaga motifs, such as jewelry, fans and clothes pins,

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