• Discover the delicious gastronomy of Malaga: try its rice! Malaga is a very popular tourist destination throughout the year, especially in summer when tourists seek to enjoy its beaches, cultural heritage, leisure and high quality gastronomy. If you visit Malaga, there is something you can't miss: try their delicious rice! If you want to enjoy the best rice dishes in Malaga, the

  • Who doesn't like shopping? If you love shopping and you are thinking of visiting Malaga or you live there, this is your post. Malaga is one of the cities with more shopping malls in Spain and is home to the best brands in the world. Although it is true that online shopping is currently very fashionable, true shopping lovers know that

  • Are you in Malaga and don't know what to see(link to What to see in Malaga)? If you are going to visit the city of the Costa del Sol, a mandatory stop is the Alcazaba of Malaga, one of the most impregnable fortresses of the Medieval Age. We are talking about a building built at the time when the Muslims occupied

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