Malaga Rice restaurants in Malaga: the best option to enjoy your rice.
Arrocerías en Málaga: la mejor opción para disfrutar de su arroz

Rice restaurants in Malaga: the best option to enjoy your rice.

Discover the delicious gastronomy of Malaga: try its rice!

Malaga is a very popular tourist destination throughout the year, especially in summer when tourists seek to enjoy its beaches, cultural heritage, leisure and high quality gastronomy. If you visit Malaga, there is something you can’t miss: try their delicious rice!

If you want to enjoy the best rice dishes in Malaga, the ideal is to go to a rice restaurant in the city. Rice restaurants specialize in the preparation of rice dishes, so you can be sure that the dish you will be served will be of the highest quality.

Where to eat the best rice in Malaga?

If you are a tourist in Malaga and you don’t know where to eat the best rice, don’t worry. The city has a large number of restaurants where you can enjoy this typical dish of Andalusian gastronomy. However, the best places to eat rice in Malaga are those that specialize in its preparation, such as rice restaurants.

Malaga rice: a delight for the palate

Rice is a basic ingredient in Andalusian cuisine and is used in a wide variety of typical dishes of the region. In Malaga, rice is a fundamental ingredient of the local gastronomy and is used in the preparation of various traditional dishes. Malaga rice is a delight for the palate, thanks to the mixture of flavors and aromas typical of Andalusian cuisine.

The rice dishes in Malaga are a unique and varied gastronomic experience that you cannot miss if you visit the city. You will find a wide variety of rice dishes to choose from, from the most traditional to the most innovative and avant-garde, combining local ingredients with cutting-edge culinary techniques.

The restaurants specialized in rice in Malaga: where to taste the best rice dishes?

If you are looking for the best rice restaurants in Malaga, you can’t miss out on visiting
. This restaurant owned by chef Diego René specializes in the preparation of Malaga rice dishes of the highest quality, combining Andalusian and Levantine cuisine in a unique way. In addition, other restaurants known for their rice in Malaga include
and of course our restaurant Pez Wanda.

If you are looking for another option to enjoy rice dishes in the center of Malaga, we recommend you to visit the restaurant Pez Wanda. This place is known for its fusion cuisine, where culinary techniques from different countries are combined, resulting in unique and delicious dishes. In its menu, you can find a wide variety of rice dishes, from the most classic to the most creative, we highlight theArroz con Alitas y Chistorras, the Arroz del Señoret or the Arroz mixto con Pollo y Gambas (mixed rice with chicken and prawns).

In addition, its modern and relaxed atmosphere makes Pez Wanda an ideal place to enjoy a meal with friends or family. Do not hesitate to visit their website
Wanda Fish
for more information.

How to get to Pez Wanda Restaurant

To get to the Pez Wanda restaurant in Malaga, you can take bus number 1 or number 11 and get off at the Plaza Uncibay stop. From there, walk about 5 minutes towards Calle Granada, where you will find the restaurant located at number 44. You can also arrive by cab or private car and park in a nearby parking lot. Enjoy your visit to Pez Wanda!

We leave you a link so that you can
get to our restaurant specialized in rice


In short, if you are looking for a unique gastronomic experience during your visit to Malaga, you can’t miss the delicious rice dishes that the city has to offer. Rice restaurants in Malaga are the best option to enjoy this typical dish of Andalusian gastronomy. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Pez Wana and other restaurants

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